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Friendship Factor

Feeling empty?  Feeling alone?  Feeling nobody cares?  Feeling scared?  Feeling unloved?  Feeling worthless?

Well, as they say, don’t feel like the Lone Ranger.  On the other hand, don’t take solace in that fact.  For a truly fulfilling life, you shouldn’t have to be thinking about your answers to any of the above questions.  You should be able to quickly answer them with a resounding no and move onto the next post, if you’re surfing this site.

On the other hand, if you answer any of the above questions with a yes then I would ask you to consider these thoughts.  The true sum of your worth is the amount of value you place on your friendships.  Without working hard on building friendships throughout your life, your answer to any and maybe all the above questions will be yes.

Friendships are the safe harbor for the journey of your life.  Build them, nourish them, cherish them and they will fill you with love, caring, comfort, self-worth, and companionship.

Build friendship and you build a life.

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