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From Cradle to Grave

Heard that before, right?  Frankly, who hasn’t?  The title of this post is a common phrase used in all kinds of situations.  I believe of all its potential applications there is one that is above all others.

We’re born with a relatively blank intellectual slate.  Our brain is working through biological instinct to help us survive as a living organism but not much else.  That, however, is a very temporary state.  We all begin to build our reservoir of intellectual knowledge very quickly as part of our early socialization process, if nothing else.  For example, it doesn’t take us but a few hours of life to begin to understand how to get what we want.  This example is a rudimentary form of intellectual knowledge and, hopefully, we grow from there.

Here’s the hard reality for too many people, however.  They get to a point in their life where they think they don’t have to learn anything more.  Learning is for people in school not a fully grown adult, they think.  Wrong again!  If you’re not continuously growing in intellectual knowledge, you are dying in potential.  You can’t be all you can be, if you don’t learn all that you can.

That’s a cradle to grave endeavor.  It should never stop.  The more you know the more you can!  That’s a grave reality that begins in the cradle.

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