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From The Heart

There’s the old adage, The best things in life are free.  Sounds simple enough and, also sounds about right when you think about it.  But, I want you to think about it a little differently.

When you look all around you, there are some beautiful things to see.  It can be in the form of the wonder of nature.  It’s beautiful to see a shimmering city spread below at night as you as stand on the observation deck of one of the world’s stunning skyscrapers.  What about the beauty of an emerging life in whatever form?  The point is you can see beauty all around you, if you look hard enough.

There’s another one of the senses to consider here…our sense of hearing.  There’s no doubt there are some wonderful and beautiful things to hear in the world.  Think of the soaring notes of your favorite song.  Consider the beauty of hearing the song of a bird in the breathtaking quiet of a Sunday morning walk.  It’s amazingly beautiful to hear the cry of a newborn baby.  You can hear beauty all around you, if you perk up and pay attention.

Think of all that beauty you can see and hear!  It’s amazing, isn’t it?

Here’s the twist.  There’s even more beauty to experience in your life.  It’s the beauty you experience when it comes from the heart.  The beauty of feeling love for someone and from someone.  The beauty of feeling the glow when you have done something charitable or kind for another person.  The beauty of experiencing the feeling of true peace of mind.  Those beauties from the heart can’t really be seen or heard.

Live from the heart and you will see and hear more beauty and wonder in your world.

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