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Full Fill Meant

Here you are…wondering what it’s all about.  More particularly wondering what your life is all about and generally feeling unfulfilled.  You may have achieved success or you may not have done so.  Regardless, something is missing.  You’re thinking there’s got to be more to this whole experience called life.  Well, let’s use the three words in the title of this post to put some focus on how you can achieve more fulfillment.

The first thing to consider is what are you doing to make each of your days full of meaning?  If you are just going through the motions of getting through each day as best you can, no wonder you’re feeling unfulfilled.  Each day must be full of purpose which brings us to the second word in the title.

If each day is to be full of purpose, then it’s your responsibility to fill the day with actions to fulfill that days purpose.  By “fill the day” I mean everything you do has to be tuned to what you want that day’s purpose to be.  Focused action is how your purpose is realized.

Finally, you have to reflect on each day as to what it meant to you.  Take time to evaluate how well you filled your day with actions devoted to a full day of purpose.  When you know what this day has meant to you, you will have the foundation for creating meaning for tomorrow.  And, that can be a fulfilling feeling.

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