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Future Stock

b2ap3_thumbnail_MP900341974No…I didn’t say SHOCK.  I did mean to say STOCK in the title of this post.  My purpose is to get you thinking about the value of the stock you place on your future…stock, as in assessing a situation.  After all your future is a situation you create.  You might as well take stock of it before you get there because once you’re there it is too late to do much about it.

You could, I suppose, do like far too many people and just let your future happen to you.  Approaching the future by happenstance, however, leaves you a victim of circumstance rather than captain of your own choices.  In the grand scheme of things, having and making your own choices always creates more value than waiting for the inevitable.  Having choices makes the value of your “future stock” exponentially greater.

Another concept that can significantly impact the value of your future is your commitment to dreaming big dreams.  Let’s face it; a future without dreams is a colorless future of disappointment and, probably, sadness and frustration.  Take stock of your inventory of dreams and begin the necessary actions to realize them.  Dreams are all about giving zest, value and a purpose to your future.  They make the future excitedly approachable rather than facing it with a sense of denial.  The brightness of your future is directly proportional to the beauty of your dreams.

Future stock…its value is undeniably driven by your investment today.

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