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Gain or Drain

Living life with an attitude of maximizing your potential requires an attitude of “Gain” rather than “Drain.”  Here’s what I mean by that contrast.  It comes back to the often used metaphor alluded to in the the question:  Is the glass half full or half empty.  Those people given to a propensity toward an attitude of “Gain” will think the glass is half full.  Those on the opposite end of the spectrum (an attitude of “Drain”) will believe the glass is half empty.

Here’s the key point…either attitude is one of choice.  Gain or Drain?  Positive or Negative?  Half full or half empty?  Happy or Sad?  And, on and on.  You make the choice in every instance and in every day of your life.

The certainty of life is it is limited in length.  The uncertainty of life is you don’t know how limited the length of your life is.  Why then would you want to spend any amount of time in your life dwelling on the negative?  What a drain on your potential to enjoy the opportunities and general wonders of a life lived to its fullest!  A full life is about opportunities realized regardless of the life’s length.

So, to synthesize what I’m saying into a couple of sentences.  The sewer of each life is filled through the drain of negative thoughts.  Plug the drain with an attitude of “Gain.”

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