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Game of Cards

Yup.  That’s right!  Life is like playing any game of cards.  Can be poker, rummy, bridge…you name it.

All card games include some random aspect to what cards you are dealt.  The more cards in the deck the more random the circumstances of the game.  Why do you think they have multiple decks of cards in the shoe at any Blackjack table in any casino around the world?  Simple.  To make the chances of you experiencing success at beating the house that much more unlikely.

And, so it is in life.  Every day you are dealt a hand from a new and vast deck of cards that you have to play.  Can’t change the hand you’re dealt.  It is what it is.  Can’t say:  “Oh!  I don’t like that hand.  Please redeal.”  It would be nice but it “ain’t” going to happen.

So what to do?  Well, first accept the hand you’re dealt.  You have no option in that.  However, where you do have an option and where you have total control is how you play the cards to win the game of life.

Oh…it’s your deal.

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