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Garbage In, Garbage Out

Given the title of this post, I imagine you can surmise the direction it is taking.  That said, it is important to consider the essence of the message in the title’s well-worn phrase.

People’s attitudes are always of interest to me.  I love watching people deal with their individual circumstances.  I’m always in wonder seeing people mess up their opportunities in life by not believing in their potential.  Too many people make negative assumptions about themselves and what they can accomplish, I find.

On further consideration, I also find that those negative assumptions are always driven by the “garbage” people take in each day.  Their attitudes are “garbage” because their information is “garbage.”  They have little foundation of quality knowledge on which to base their decisions.  And, so, they end up on the trash heap of life rather than the pinnacle of success.

Garbage is for disposal, only.  It’s usually of no further value.  Why would anybody process information that is for disposal and of no further value?  That’s pure garbage to me!

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