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Get Lucky

Okay.  Don’t let your mind wander too far.  I’m not talking about that kind of “get lucky!”  Yeah, I know.  You’re disappointed.

Anyway, the direction I’m taking with the title of this post has to do with what it takes to get where you are trying to go.  Sometimes achieving our dreams and goals in life seems like running through a maze.  There’s all kinds of tricky dead ends and no seeming way to achieving the goal of escaping from the confusion and frustration.  Yup, a maze can be fun but frustrating at the same time.  And, so it is with your life.

You know where you want to go but the getting there is the problem.  At every turn you are being frustrated by another barrier or dead end.  It seems like an endless journey with little hope of coming out at the other end having felt the exhilaration of achieving your goal.

Well, if you’re going to get lucky in that regard, you cannot leave the journey to chance.  You see, a maze can be a journey of chance if you just run through it helter-skelter.  No, you must prepare yourself for finding the exit.  The more you prepare the quicker you find your way out.  Or, on the specific topic, the quicker you reach your goals in life.

Inevitably success is not about chance.  It’s about preparing so chance is eliminated by the power of calculated choice.  The only way you can make calculated, intelligent choices is through preparation.  It’s as the old adage says, “Luck is when preparation meets opportunity.”

Prepare to get lucky!

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