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Get Over It!

Like too many people you may have a tendency to dwell on the past.  You spend incessant hours fretting about what was rather than doing something about what could be.  You, like so many, drive yourself into a poor state of physical and mental health through these musings.  Get over it!

Life isn’t about dwelling on your past!  It’s about you creating a sense of well-being that will last.  Sorry!  I couldn’t resist the brief limerick.

You (and, only you) are responsible for your life.  It’s a tired, old excuse to blame others for your misery or shortcomings.  You have to move on and get over it yourself.  Others can’t do that for you.

Start focusing on the wonders in your life.  The fact that you are even alive and have your own chance to create something of your life is a wonder.

Don’t dwell on the negative.  Negative things are going to happen in your life.  The way you minimize the negative impact on your life is to focus on what’s positive about the negative.  That sounds confusing I know but the point is in every negative event there is potential to take something good from it.  But to find the good you have to be able to get over the negative.  It’s a fact.  In every negative there is a positive.  It’s a basic law of the universal flow of life’s energy.

In short, get switched on to move on and get over it!

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