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Get What?

You know what it is.  The problem is getting it!  Funny, that’s the case for everybody.  Yet, some get what they want and others don’t.  Ever wonder why that is?  Certainly, I have and so much so that I sought to find out the answer.  Here’s what I came up with.

First, think about what it is that you want most out of your life before even reading the rest of this post.  It’s important you do that so you have an important point of reference as you consider these ideas.  The thought is, if you buy into them, you will have a “big-time” desire on which you can immediately apply the concepts.  Ideas are absolutely of no value until they are successfully acted upon and implemented.

So, how is it you “get what” you want?  The bottom-line is you don’t get until you are.  In other words, to get the things you want out of life you have to earn them.  You have to be worthy of them.  You can’t just say, “I want that” and expect to get it.  Once you pay the price it will be yours.  Rather than emphasizing a focus on what you want, focus on improving who you are, first.  Define what you think you need to become before you deserve what you want.  Once you have that defined clearly you can take the necessary actions to “get what” you want.

Looking at it from a slightly different angle, to get more you must be more.  Inevitably to be more you have to overcome your fear of failure, the unknown, or whatever your fears are.  “Get what” you want by becoming who you can be through busting through the hang-ups currently stopping you.  Nothing is stopping you from overcoming your fears except you and the way you think.

“Get what” you want by changing who you are and how you think…get it?

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