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Getting There From Here

It’s always a challenge to be where we are, if it’s where we don’t want to be.  Overcoming that challenge is possible but not probable if we take the attitude of a victim of circumstances.  If you want to get where you would rather be then do what it takes to get from where you are.

First, you’ve got to think in terms of what have you been doing that got you where you are.  Learning from that analysis, determine what you’re not doing that needs to be done to get where you want to go.  Then, welcome the needed changes and go for it!

You have to take individual responsibility for you current location and your desired destination.  You are where you are because you made the choices that got you there.  Choose what you love to do and you will end up where you want to be.

Then, think step-by-step .  A little progress each day will assure you will get there from here because you won’t be so overwhelmed by the task.  As one of my friends likes to observe:  “You’re getting there if you’re doing just 1% better everyday.”

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