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Give and Take

Seems to be a conflict suggested by the title of this article.  One word sounds good to me and the other kind of leaves me queasy.  I don’t know why that is but take suggests selfishness.  Yet, there are all kinds of examples where take is the right thing to do.  You must take food or you die.  You must take a stand on a particular topic or your views won’t be understood and accepted.  If you don’t take time to “smell the roses,” life passes you by.  To take a trip and see the wonders of the world is a good thing.

So, why do I say I get a little queasy when thinking about the word take and what it can mean.  Simple.  When practiced in the negative, take can really get ugly.  Examples:  Take someone’s dignity away from them.  Take a bribe when honored by a position of public trust.  Take advantage of employees because you believe in the concept that “rank has its privilege.”  Take no for an answer when what’s needed is a determination to forge ahead.  Not take advantage of your many blessings and opportunities in life.  And on and on!

Here’s the bottom line for me on give and take.  If any of us are going to truly experience a life of abundance in all aspects, there is proper practice of give and take.  Think about it.  There is no take in give!  Give with no expectation of take and you will flourish beyond your wildest dreams.  It comes down to the idea of take only so you can give.

I give these thoughts to you.  Take them to heart.

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