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Gladly Flipping the Switch to On

b2ap3_thumbnail_MP900316474You may have been there!   You waited for months to take a couple of weeks of vacation.  During the wait you were planning that trip of a lifetime.  Work continued to be overwhelming but you sandwiched in the time to dream and plan for a little time off in some far flung place.  You couldn’t wait for the time to pass.  Then, it was the big day to say goodbye to work and off you went.  The problem was the time away flew and before you knew it you were back home and facing flipping the switch to get back into the work mindset.

Ugh!  You probably thought as you were preparing for returning to work how much you were dreading it.  Life is so much more fun when on vacation and work definitely isn’t a vacation for you.  You get yourself ready; have a fitful night of sleeping anticipating the backlog; and, before you know it you’re walking through the door at work.  You are not happy at being there and definitely haven’t flipped the switch to facing the day with energy and enthusiasm.

Life is absolutely too short to live it that way!  You have to change things up so you can gladly flip the switch to on when returning to work after any break.  One thing you can do in that regard is not face the return to work with a focus on the pile of backlog.  Instead, focus only on those things you love to do.  Start with them because they fire up your passion.  Don’t douse the flames of your passion and interest with all the other miserable stuff.  Get to the miserable tasks in your job in small doses sandwiched between the things you love to do.

Passionate purpose drives your energy to gladly flip the switch to on at work.

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