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Go Brightly Into Each Day

b2ap3_thumbnail_j0401084You know what it’s like.  Your day begins like every other day, probably.  The blast of your favorite alarm comes slashing through the air in your bedroom!  It’s way too early but there it is wailing away while you try to ignore its signal for you to get up and get at it.

Most days that sound may not be received with a sense of feeling like it’s a bright new day and you can’t wait to get it started!  On the other hand, the question I would pose is why is it that you feel that way?  What’s going on that drives you to the dark side of your attitude rather than the bright side? But, there’s an even more important question and that is why should you care one way or the other?

Let’s answer that last question and it will help you answer the other two.  From my view of things, the new day is inevitable.  You absolutely have to live it.  There is no other choice!  Well, there is I suppose but let’s don’t even go there.  We’re talking about the benefits of going brightly into each of your days not ending it all!

Every day you have the choice:  bright or dark.  You pick it.  You own it.  No one else in this world is responsible for your attitude.  It’s you and you alone. So, why not choose the bright side.  Everything will be so much better for you and everybody you touch.  It’s as Zig Ziglar once stated:  “No person ever ended his eyesight by looking on the bright side.”  The extension of that thought being no person in a dark frame of mind has the eyesight to see the bright side.

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