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Goals that Work Easy Require Hard Work

b2ap3_thumbnail_j0433236_20141008-142108_1You have heard it a million times by now but I am going to repeat it again. The reason to repeat it is because it is true and you have to accept it if you want to achieve all that you can in your life. “There ain’t no free lunch.” That quote would be grammatically very incorrect but it is philosophically absolutely correct.

Nothing of value in this life comes without a price. Everything requires some kind of effort! Period! End of story!

When it comes to your success a major price you must pay is defining what success means to you. Once you’ve defined it you have a real shot at achieving it, if you take appropriate action. You define what success will look like for you by documenting well-conceived goals.

The best formula I have found for creating clear and actionable goals is: SMART. The acronym represents five steps for you to follow in building your goal statements. Those steps are: Specific, Measurable, Achievable, Relevant and Time-bound. Let’s take a look at what each step involves.

Specific references the fact you can’t achieve something that isn’t absolutely clear in its definition. For example, I want to be successful losing weight, is not specific enough. A better statement would be, I want lose 10 pounds.

Measurable seems self-explanatory but let’s use the above example to confirm understanding. In the first statement the only thing measurable is whether you have lost some weight from when you started the effort. However, the second statement provides you more inspiration to achieve your weight lose because you can measure your progress against the overall objective of 10 pounds. Measurable helps keep you clearly on track to your ultimate objective.

Achievable is all about being rational about the goals you set. For example, you could set a goal to lose 10 pounds in one day. Even if such a goal were possible achieving it would probably damage your health. The better approach in trying to achieve an overwhelming objective is to set incremental goals directed toward to big goal. In our example, you could have an ultimate goal of losing 100 pounds but that may seem so overwhelming it could reduce your motivation to even attempt it. Achievable gives you hope because you know it is rationally in the realm of possibility.

Relevant is all about why you want to achieve a particular goal. Deep emotional connection to your goal will always be the tie-breaker when challenges confront you. Roadblocks to your goal are inevitable and the one thing that drives you through or around those roadblocks is your emotional commitment to reaching your goal. Only set goals that give you a deep emotional drive to achieve them.

Finally, you can clearly have defined the specific, measurable, achievable and relevant factors of your goal and still not achieve it. Here’s the problem…without a target date to shoot for you may never get there. Procrastination is a natural reaction to dealing with challenges. Great goals are always going to be challenging. Procrastination will always stop you. However, setting clear time boundaries for when you want to achieve your goal drives you through the temptation to procrastinate.

SMART gives you an easy way to create goals that work. Regardless, achieving your goals requires hard work.


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