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Gone Like A Freight Train

Here I go again!  The title to a great Country song by Montgomery Gentry is noted as the title of this post.  The song is about lost love.  This post isn’t about that, however.  But, before I get to that here’s a link to a video of the song.  It’s a great song and you might enjoy it.  It rocks, shall we say!

That said, I’m using the title of this post as a metaphor for the real point.  The idea is to get you to think before you speak.  I’m sure you’re like most of us.  More than once you’ve opened your mouth and said something you wish you hadn’t and would love to be able to take those words back.

Doesn’t work that way, my friends.  Once spoken always gone…gone like a freight train.  Now, a freight train is powerful but not that powerful.  The most powerful locomotive in the world couldn’t drag back those words you wish you could take back.

The point is to always exercise enough emotional intelligence to be thoughtful of what you say.  When you consider what you say before you say it, you will never have to regret it.

The fact is, if you’re not thoughtful about what you say, people will ride you out of town on a rail and you’ll be gone like a freight train!  Toot!  Toot!

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