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Good Habits Applied Over Time Habitually Creates Success

b2ap3_thumbnail_Man-Climbing-ArrowIt might not surprise you to learn there are bad habits and good habits.  Now, that I have your attention with that flash of brilliant insight I do have a more substantive point to make that should be worth your while.  Stay with me here!

The word, habit, for me has somewhat of an ominous tone to it.  I know it can mean everything from a form of clothing to an acquired mode of behavior that has become nearly or completely involuntary.  Either way, the word leaves me in a state of wariness.  I think my problem is how negative the most obvious forms of bad habits impact a person’s life.  Some examples of those bad habits that come to mind are smoking (whatever); any form of drug addiction; any form of negative behavior, etc.  I guess the bottom-line of bad habits is they never deliver positive outcomes…PERIOD!

Your success or anyone’s for that matter will never evolve from the habitual practice of bad habits.  So, take an inventory of your daily habits that could be impacting your pursuit of success.  On a computer spreadsheet or a piece of paper list all your important habits.  Segregate them in whatever manner you choose into positive and negative.  In another column, define for each positive habit why it is having a positive impact on your life.  In the third column define what you are going to do to reinforce each positive habit.

That part of the project being done refer to your list of negative habits.  In the second column of your list, define why you see each habit as having a negative impact on your life.  Next, list in the third column of your list of negative habits what you are going to do to eliminate the habit and by when.

On a daily basis, refer to both lists and act on at least one idea from each list.  You will find, if you establish the habit of sticking to it, your bad habits will fade and your good habits will take over.  Success will become a habit!

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