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Good Luck!

b2ap3_thumbnail_j0401581_20130818-144923_1Funny word…luck… in my opinion.  I mean everybody hopes for it but few seem to feel they ever experience it.  Maybe the reason that is the case is because they think it’s to be waited for…that it happens by chance.  In their minds, there’s no need to put forth any effort.

Luck is not something that just happens.  It is something that is created.  People who seem the luckiest people are those that put forth the greatest effort and take the greatest risks.  They are the movers and shakers out there looking for and taking advantage of every opportunity that comes along in their lives.

Sure…there are those people who by the simple act of buying a lottery ticket “got lucky” and won a jackpot.  On the other hand, even they had to do something.  They had to get off of their duffs and go down to the local 7 Eleven, or wherever, and plop down a few bucks for a ticket.  And, then, miracle of miracles, they beat the horrendous odds and won something.

In the lottery of creating a meaningful and abundant life the typical odds in any other form of lottery are too great.  You have to swing the odds into your favor if you want to assure good luck in life.  Again, you do that by not leaving things to chance.  You do it by making choices around smart actions that will guarantee success in whatever your pursuit.

You want good luck…make it!

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