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Good Song

Several years ago there was a song entitled, Don’t Worry Be Happy, performed by Bobby McFerrin.  It was a light-hearted little ditty with a very powerful message throughout.  Just an excerpt to make my point:  “In every life we have some trouble… When you worry you make it double…Don’t worry, be happy…”

The song had a wonderful lilt to it and just made you want to be happy.  But, a happy life shouldn’t require a lilting, little song to help you maintain a positive outlook and achieve happiness.  I believe it is a matter of personal self discipline.

Think about it this way.  If you would prefer to be happy, recognize achieving it is only a choice away.  When you make “happy” your choice, “unhappy” does not exist.  When you make “happy” your choice, life takes on a whole new glow.  There’s a lilt in your step rather than just in a cute, little ditty.

Make the choice as suggested by the song.  “Don’t worry be happy!”

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