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Good to Great

b2ap3_thumbnail_Climbing-the-LadderNot an original title to this post, I know.  The book by Jim Collins was great, by the way.

That said, I’m on a somewhat different tack, here.  The phrase, good to great, suggests a progression.  I guess it may be semantics but I don’t think you can go from good to great.  I believe it is clearly a case of having to totally give up good and focus on being great.  Let’s think about that a little bit.

If something is good, that should be okay, right?  I mean the word, good, connotes a positive.  Think about the definition of the word:  “1. Having the right qualities; of a high standard.  2. Behaving in a way that is right, polite, or obedient.  3. Enjoyable or satisfying.  4. Appropriate or suitable.  5. Of benefit to.  6. Thorough.  Every definition clearly communicates that “good” is a positive.

So what’s the problem?  Well, like I suggested, you can’t be great if you’re only good.  The two words, in my opinion, are mutually exclusive.

Compare the definition of the word, great:  1. Considerably above average in amount, extent, or strength.  2. Considerably above average in ability, quality, or importance.  3. Excellent.

See the difference?  In essence, good is about positive, by definition.  Great, on the other hand, is about positive and excellence.

You tell me…would you rather be good or great?  I’m “good” with whatever you decide but it would be “great” to hear you chose excellence.

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