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Great Moments

You know what they’re like.  Those moments in your life where everything seems to come together in an instant of perfection.  Moments that give you a total, utter and absolute sense of satisfaction.  Those moments in life that you want to bottle and keep on the shelf of your experiences forever.  Wonderful moments!

Wouldn’t it be wonderful if you could have each moment of your life be great?  I believe you can. More than anything, creating consistently great moments in your life starts with your attitude.  Great moments usually are not born of a negative frame of reference.  Negativity begets moments of misery…period!

So, here’s the key to creating great moments in your life, in my opinion.  A great moment is born from innumerable great moments in the past.  A great moment in the present is the seed to an untold number of great moments in the future.  In other words, consistent, positive moments of mind create an unbroken string of great moments in your life experiences.

Isn’t that great?  Each moment is fully in your control to create.

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