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Gregarious Connection

There is an interesting word in the English language.  It’s the word, Gregarious.  One definition for the word reads:  “Tending to move in or form a group, as a herd, pack, or flock, with others of the same kind.”  A second definition reads:  “Seeking and enjoying the company of others; sociable.”

Well, here’s one fact as it relates to that definition.  It is the fact that the human race is gregarious as a fundamental aspect of its very nature.  We all clamor to be a part of our own flock, so to speak.  Given that fact, it behooves all of us to be knowledgeable and skillful in being able to develop the connections necessary to become a member in good standing of the group.  The point is gregarious is not synonymous with automatic.  We all have to work at becoming a part of the group.  It requires each of us to become good communicators.

In that regard, I believe we each have to take responsibility for being able to communicate in a way where we enchant our listeners with the power of our presence and the magic of our words.  To do that requires some carefully honed communication skills.  A short list of five of those skills looks like this:

    • Personal grooming and presentation of ourselves to others that allows them to want to connect
    • Offering everybody we meet a warm and engaging smile
    • Being willing to communicate with people through direct, warm and engaging eye contact
    • Having the self-confidence to volunteer our name whenever the occasion presents itself
  • Recognizing it is what we say but is also how we say it that encourages people to want to communicate with us

I call those the Five Skills for Gregarious Connection.  Practicing those skills throughout our lives allows us to live the fundamental fact of our human race and that is, by nature, we are gregarious.

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