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Gripe! Gripe! Gripe!

b2ap3_thumbnail_j0430986I really am very sorry for that title.  It might not seem very creative.  However, in this case, the title says it all and we’ve all heard it used thousands of times, probably.

Let’s put the title of this post into one relevant perspective.  One way of defining the word, gripe, is, in the informal sense, “complain or grumble” and tend to reinforce those comments over and over.  It’s kind of like a dog and a bone.  You get into a mode where you just can’t help yourself and you keep; to use a different word; belly-aching and can’t let go of it.

I know you know what I mean!  My bet is you’ve said it to more than one person when frustrated with their negative attitude about something.  Okay…maybe not you saying it but you’ve heard others say it many times!

What drives me nuts about the whole idea is when you’re being negative you can’t be positive by definition.  The two do not go together!  It’s either one or the other!  When you are obsessed with complaining you don’t have any time left for being positive.

If you’re not positive your outcome will always be negative.

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