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Now, there’s a blast from the past.  Most of you reading this post may have a hard time remembering a time when that word was very much a part of the current vernacular.  Let’s put a time line on it.  Try the 50’s or 60’s and maybe into the very early 70’s.  Those weren’t heady times.  They were groovy times.  Anything that was good was groovy.  The cars were groovy.  The music was groovy.  The clothes were Mod and groovy.  Well, it was just groovy.

Okay…so, what’s the point.  Well in those days there was another use of the word groove.  It was the channel in the vinyl recordings of the time in which the needle on record players tracked and played the music.  As an aside, some say even today that form of recording has a richness to it that can’t be captured in today’s digital world.  Frankly, I just finished converting all my old vinyl records over to digital and can’t tell the difference.  But, then I’m not an aficionado.  I’m just a lover of music.  But, back to the point.

When playing a vinyl recording, if you didn’t like the track you were on, you would simply move the needle over a few grooves and change the tune.  By the way, it was preferable to pick up the needle and move it because scraping it over the grooves could ruin the record for future listening.  Anyway, if you didn’t like the track you were on, you just switched grooves.

How about in your life?  If you don’t like the groove you’re currently in just switch grooves.  You probably will feel more in the groove and, therefore, hear better music because you will have improved your life.  You have as much control over that change as you would in switching grooves on old vinyl recordings.  Isn’t that groovy?

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