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Grounded to Soar

Each of us (Yes, including you.) can push back the darkened boundaries of humankind’s current achievements through the light of our dreams.  But, dreams only come true from a grounded approach to reaching them.  You can’t just wish for them to come true you have to take a deliberate path to making dreams a reality.

Putting that another way, it is in being grounded that we soar on the wings of life’s universe of opportunities.  It seems counter-intuitive I know.  How can you soar, if you’re grounded?  On the other hand, how do you know you’re soaring unless you can see and feel the distance to the ground below you?

Being grounded doesn’t mean being weighed down such that you can’t soar to knew heights.  It is from planting your feet solidly on the ground that you have the positioning and power to launch yourself and to soar.

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