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Guilty As Charged

Of course you’ve heard that phrase before.  But, I’m not thinking of it in the negative sense of you doing something wrong and paying the consequences for it.  Actually, I’m thinking quite to the contrary.

Think about your daily pursuits at maximizing your experiences in life.  Are you doing all you can to be all you can be; to do all you can do; to have all you can have?  If so, then, consider yourself guilty as charged and celebrate that!  Life’s too short not to be guilty on a daily basis in that regard .

You shouldn’t feel guilty if you’re making the most out of your life even in the face of other’s who aren’t.  That’s their choice…not yours.  Assuming they have some control over their choices (and, most people do), they are guilty in their own right and you shouldn’t feel weighed down by their misfortune.

Look at each of your days in the metaphoric way suggested by the Scales of Justice.  You’ve seen that image I’m sure but just in case the picture at the beginning of this post is one representation.

Here’s the point.  Make sure each day that the scale is always tipped in your favor by loading one side of it with positive activities focused on achieving your dreams.  That isn’t to say the other side won’t be filling with negatives that get in your way.  Don’t be guilty of focusing on those negatives as they pile up.  Be guilty of focusing on overloading the scale with positive, deliberate actions that drive your success.  Being guilty of tipping the scales in your favor in that way makes you innocent of any wrong doing.

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