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The American Heritage Dictionary defines half-life as follows:

  • Physics. The time required for half the nuclei in a sample of a specific isotopic species to undergo radioactive decay.


  • Biology.
      1. The time required for half the quantity of a drug or other substance deposited in a living organism to be metabolized or eliminated by normal biological processes. Also calledbiological half-life.
    1. The time required for the radioactivity of material taken in by a living organism to be reduced to half its initial value by a combination of biological elimination processes and radioactive decay.



I hope you appreciate the science lesson!  So, as defined, then, half-life would imply the gradual reduction of something.  Interesting…but this is not a blog the purpose for which is lessons in scientific information.  Which must mean I have something else in mind when I title this post as Half-Life.  Exactly!

I want to get your attention concerning the debilitating effects of fear in your life.  If you live with fear, you live with half a life.  Put another way, your life can’t flourish in the face of fear.  Thinking about fear in an arithmetic sense, it is always a subtraction and therefore can’t make an addition to your life.

Don’t allow half your life to decay because of the fear you feel!  Face it.  Find out why you have it.  Do what you have to do to overcome it.  Move on to a full life.  And, do that before you waste half your life!

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