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Happen to Did

Too many people seem to always be asking the question:  What happened?  That question seems to me to always be other directed.  It suggests what happened occurred as the result of an outside influence of some sort.  People who ask the question in that frame of mind have got it wrong, in my opinion.

Here’s my thinking on the whole situation.  Those kind of people shouldn’t be asking that question.  The question in their mind should be:  What did I do about it?

In short, achieving a fulfilling life isn’t about “what.”  It’s about “did.”  Life is about actions not words.

Here’s a question for you:  What did you do today about “what” happened to you.  If you did something about it, congratulations!  If you’re still wondering what happened, did I tell you how to change your frame of mind?

Here’s a thought…Make your life a positive happening by knowing you did something to make it so!

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