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Happy is…

b2ap3_thumbnail_00386362Yes, we all can tend, from time-to-time, to focus our thinking on the concept of being happy.  Sometimes we can even become a little obsessive about it.  Well, let’s not make being happy so hard!

Leo Tolstoy made it very simple.  He said:  “If you want to be happy, be.”  It can’t get much simpler than that.

The problem comes when we begin to think “happy” is something other than what we a currently experiencing.  Tolstoy would suggest that if you are alive and experiencing anything you are in a state of “happy.”  Let’s face it you can’t be happy when you’re dead!  The science of the whole condition would seem to confirm you can’t be anything when you’re dead…let alone be happy.

So, by process of elimination, because you are alive you should be happy.  Happy is a state of mind you create.  It is not something that is created by someone else or having something else.  It’s purely in your mind and, therefore, happy is totally in your control.

Even if you are experiencing the worst of circumstances that any life can offer, if you search hard enough there is something of which to be happy about. It’s the old adage:  “Search for the silver lining.”

Happy is…the search, not a fixed set of circumstances.

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