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b2ap3_thumbnail_00262322Nothing could be harder than doing something harder than you ever have before.  On the other hand, that is exactly what life’s greatest rewards require, if you are to achieve them.  They are the greatest rewards because they require the greatest effort.  It’s as easy as that.

The problem isn’t that the greatest rewards in life are hard to achieve.  The problem is the mindset you have when you, supposedly, set out to achieve them.  The mindset can be explained as one of thinking you want those rewards but the reality is you don’t believe in them deep down in your soul.

Anything that is hard to achieve is going to require reaching for the commitment deep, deep down in your soul.  You have to reach harder than you may have ever done before.  When that reach is that hard there’s only one thing that helps you avoid the desire to surrender, to give up, before you’ve reached deep enough—Passion.

The greatest rewards in life are acquired through passion in your purpose.  If the belief in your desire to achieve anything is harder than granite, than the ultimate reality of your reward is inevitable.

Great rewards in life are always harder but they always make things better.

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