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Hardy and Hearty

b2ap3_thumbnail_00443241Can you be one and not the other?  Sure…but, that’s not my point!

The reality, from my point of view, is that a full and rewarding life will require you to be both.  And, yes there is a difference between being hardy and hearty.  Let’s take a look.

Life is a series of hard knocks that always present new opportunities.  Unfortunately, too many people, maybe you included, don’t see the opportunities because they are too invested in the pain of the hard knocks.  The cold and bruising punishment of hard knocks stops you from looking past them to the opportunities that lie on the other side, if you will but fight for them.  It takes being very hardy to do that.  If you’re hardy, you’re capable of surviving difficult conditions.

But, that brings us to an additional element of what it takes to have the capability of putting up such a fight to survive and thrive in the difficult conditions of life.  You have to be hearty.  Being hearty requires you to be strong, healthy, enthusiastic, friendly, and have a heartfelt zest for life.

So here’s a simple rule for living your life to the fullest:  Be hardy and hearty and you will gain all that you can from your life’s party!

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