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Have A Look

I can see you right now.  Busy!  Busy!  Busy!  Running from hither to yon with your “multi-tasking” approach to your life.  No time!  No Time!  Must get everything done!!  Can’t stop or failure is inevitable!

Well, have a look at this post’s content to, hopefully, put things in a totally different perspective.  You see…your life has become a frantic skitter from place to place and task to task because you have allowed it to become that way.  No!  I don’t accept the fact that in your mind the problem is created by other people.  The only reason other people may be contributors to the issue is because you allowed them to.

It’s time!  You have to have a look at where you are and where you want to be.  You can’t find out truly where you are if you don’t stop trying to get where you’re going, at least temporarily.  I’m not talking about a yearlong sabbatical.  I’m talking about disciplining your life oh so slightly so you can have a look at your situation and your desires at least on a daily basis.  If you don’t stop and have a look daily, you will fail miserably weekly, monthly, yearly and before you know it, throughout you lifetime.

On a daily basis have a look, at least, at the following:


    • What you accomplished today


    • How does that impact what you want to accomplish tomorrow and the next day


    • Each member of your family and truly connect with them


    • Some aspect of nature and commune with it momentarily


    • Your spirit and how you can nurture it


  • The rest of the world and truly connect with what’s going on


Daily have a look at these things and you have a much clearer look at your future.

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