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Have Not Misplaced Desire

You’ve heard the phrase “the haves and the have nots.”  It’s so common that most of us instantly understand its meaning.  Clearly the “haves” are in a better place than the “have nots” most of us might think.

I think it is all a matter of your perspective.  If you’re a “have not” and don’t know it, you don’t miss whatever “it” is.  People in that situation don’t desire something they don’t have because they are not aware of it.  They are perfectly happy with what they have because it is something of which they are conscious.

Now, here’s the point.  For those of us who are the “haves” and are conscious of what all that means, we usually don’t want to be a “have not.”  On the other hand, many of us who are a “have” don’t appreciate that good situation as much as we should.  We invest entirely too much time in fueling our desires for things that we don’t have rather than being thankful for that which we do have.

It can be a miserable state of mind that can lead to a life of dissatisfaction even in the face of being a “have.”  Peace of mind is impossible in such a situation.  Have not misplaced desire for those thing you don’t have and a sense of fulfillment fills the void.

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