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Have You Told Them?

As I write this post, it is an absolutely magnificent Sunday morning.  The sun is shining.  The air is still and cool.  There is hardly a sound except for the birds singing.  It’s doesn’t get any better than that!  Right?

Wrong?  As I was out doing my morning walk, I was reflecting on the wonder of it all and the absolute beauty of the day.  Then, I was struck by what was missing.  While I didn’t feel alone, I was, in fact, not in the presence of anybody else.  Just me communing with nature and having a healthy walk.  While for my purposes at the time, that was okay the point is none of us should make it a habit of being alone.

Reflect on your life and the wonderful connections you have with family and friends.  Be thankful for those relationships and do everything that you can to nurture them.  Most of all make sure your answer to the question…Have you told them?…is a resounding YES!

If not, do it today.  Right now.  It’s a beautiful day.  Make it even better by connecting with those you love and let them hear your appreciation.

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