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Having Integrity Requires Unimpaired Character

b2ap3_thumbnail_009_Holtz_800x600You’ve been there!  I know it because we have all shared this experience.  You’re faced with a “on the horns of a dilemma” situation.  The choice one way is gut-wrenchingly the right way.  On the other hand, the other choice isn’t as absolutely clear.  It is not necessarily a wrong thing to do but it isn’t absolutely the right thing to do either.  However, going that route with your decision seems to bring you the better personal result.  And, what the heck!  Nobody will find out you made that decision, anyway!  So, what do you do?

Big question…here’s an attempt at one answer to help in those kinds of decisions.   First, in every case, choosing the latter decision over the former inevitably puts you in a position of having to rationalize your decision.  In the worst case, you may have to lie your way out of a corner having made such a decision.  Therefore, if someone does find out, you may be challenged to adequately defend your rationale for making the decision.  Fact…trust once lost is never, ever regained to the same level it was before the event that adversely impacted it.  Yes, over time you may regain some level of trust but the relationship will never, ever totally recover.

Why?  The answer lies in the fundamental concept of having integrity.  When you totally own the quality of being honest and having strong moral principles and uprightness you are a person of unquestioned trustworthiness.   You are a person of good character and honor.  Making the latter decision impairs or weakens and damages your character and honor.

As noted in the title of this post having integrity requires unimpaired character.  Your gut always tells you what the right thing to do is.  To paraphrase Nike… don’t “just do it!”  Just do it right every time.

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