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Healthy, Wealthy and Wise

So, you’ve heard the phrase referenced in the title of this post before, probably.  It’s been used for so long and so frequently that it could be considered a truism.

However, I’m not so sure the order of the words in the phrase is really correct.  Frankly, I think the word, wise, should come first because I’m not sure the other two can happen without being wise.

So much of your health is driven by your lifestyle.  An unhealthy lifestyle is inevitably going to impact the quality of your health.  It takes a wise person to recognize that fact and practice the self-discipline necessary for good health…Self-discipline in input and output.  By input I mean what you consume in food and drink.  Output refers to your exercise regimen.  Good, quality input equals a bodily foundation for good health.  Consistent, relatively intense output leads to a body of strength and a mind of acute awareness.

Unless you inherit it, wealth does not come without a price.  It takes a wise approach to your challenges and opportunities.  Wealth also usually requires intense effort over an extended period of time.  In short, you must be mentally and physically strong to persevere.  You can’t be either if you are not healthy.

Only s/he who is wise can ultimately achieve a state of healthy and wealthy.

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