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Hell Freezes Over

Regardless of your religious persuasion, almost everybody can conjure up their own view of what Hell would be like.  Most of us think it’s constantly consumed by the eternal heat of fire and, just generally, a miserable place to find yourself in.  Given that perception, it would be a difficult place to create enough cold where it actually freezes over.  It would take eons, if ever!

So, what the hell am I going on about?  Here’s the bottom line.  The metaphor of “hell freezes over”  suggests a couple of things.  One could be the interminable amount of time it would take to freeze such a hot place.  The other would be the single-mindedness it would take over a long period of time to make the freeze actually happen.

Let’s put the two concepts in perspective as they relate to the attitude you take in living your life.  First, are you so set in your ways that even the passage of time won’t allow you to change?  Second, are you so pig-headed about your points of view on things that no matter how much time passes you’re not going to change your opinion?

I realize those two questions may be asking the same thing in different ways.  But, if you’re a “not until Hell freezes over” kind of thinker I figured asking you one question would not be enough.  Hell!  Two questions might not get it either!  Oh well.

One last plea, if you have that kind of attitude.  Thaw out your thinking a little bit and you might find heaven on earth in terms of your relationships.

I know.  You’re saying:  “Not until Hell freezes over.”  Good luck!

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