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b2ap3_thumbnail_j0439492_20130902-181446_1It’s a legitimate question!  All around you in today’s world are situations that should prompt you to ask it.  It’s a cynical thing to say but everywhere you turn your cynicism is confirmed.  It doesn’t make any difference the source anymore.  Not just you, all of us, are prompted to ask the question…Honestly?

All cynicism aside, however, and regardless of the related questions surrounding the moral and ethical standards of today, you should have a much bigger concern.  When it’s all said and done any of us and that includes you, have only one thing of ultimate importance that can never be replaced.  If ever other people are driven to doubt you and your motives by asking that question…Honestly?…you’ve lost it.  It’s too late!

Your character…your good reputation…is never totally recoverable once put into legitimate question by your motives and actions.  People sense you’ve lost your moral and/or ethical compass regardless how you think you might be disguising the fact.  Once they start saying something like, does s/he honestly think s/he is fooling me?  It’s all over but the shouting, as they say.  And, I can truly say…Honestly… to that!

You can have all the trappings of success draped around your life but if you’ve lost your character those trappings are all you have.  You don’t have the essence of you anymore and there will always be questions by others even if you’re successful in trying to recapture some degree of credibility.

Character is not something that can be partly there.  Character is whole or it is none existent.  Give up everything else if you have to but never lose your character.  Honestly!!

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