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Hope Is

When your positive attitude drives you toward doing the things necessary to achieve what you hope for, you have hope.  Pretty simple, don’t you think?  Why make having hope in your life any more complicated than that?

But, here’s the problem.  It’s when people confuse hope with a wish.  In my view, a wish is wishywashy, if you’ll pardon the expression.  To me, a wish connotes something that is vague, misty, distant and of no real substance.  Hope, on the other hand, is the rock on which a clear vision of life’s possibilities are built.

Hope is born of an expectation of success.  The only way that kind of expectation can exist is through thinking positively and pro-actively .  Negativity and hope is an oxymoron.  In other words, one can’t exist when the other is present.

My hope is you get that!

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