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Hot Plus One Equals Steam

b2ap3_thumbnail_00442700_20140314-214022_1If you are like most of us, you struggle with the complexity of achieving a life of success and fulfillment.  You work hard at it but it isn’t easy and sometimes you think you’re making all the wrong decisions and are on the wrong path.  Well, simplify things and that self-actualization you’re striving for will ultimately happen.

Success never is a great leap.  It is always the sum of a series of small hops.

Picture this…you’re watching a world-class track event and it’s time for the long jump competition.  You watch with excitement and in anticipation of the ultimate leap that will lead to victory for one of the competitors.  But, then, as you watch each jump being made you realize an important fact.  None of the jumpers launch their final leap into the sand pit from a standing start.  No, they all take a series of multiple hops after having begun with a short, powerful run.  It is at the end of that process that they make their great leap toward, hopefully, victory.

Picture another event that makes my ultimate point.

You’ve decided you want to have a cup of tea or instant coffee.  You fill the kettle with water from the tap and place it on the burner of your stove.  After several seconds you hear the water getting hot because it is simmering.  You wait because you know a good cup of tea or coffee always is dependent on bringing the water to a boil because, otherwise, the full flavor of the tea leaves or ground coffee beans doesn’t burst forth.  It’s a scientific fact 211 degree water is hot and 212 degree water is boiling.  In other words, hot water plus one degree creates boiling water that forces steam through the kettles cap making it whistle.  It is that extra one degree that makes your tea or coffee brewing effort a success.

Hmmm…could it be if you reduce your effort toward success down to a series of simple hops you ultimately will create a giant leap toward your success? Hmmm…could it be, if you think in terms of putting forth a single degree more of effort you will put some steam into your pursuit?  If you reduce your pursuit of success down to considering those two simple questions the complexity of your life will be reduced.

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