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How Absolutely Safe Is Your Future from a Dangerous Failing?

So you say you want to create a bright future…at least, as far as you can control it.  You need to do 3 things.

Sounds simple, doesn’t it?  Do 3 easy, little things and everything will be rosy!  Well…

Hard is never really easy because easy can be really hard to find.  But…that is exactly the point behind the first thing you must do to create a bright future.

You must force yourself to think about and look at every aspect of your life differently.  Let’s put that another way.

You must use your innate cleverness, originality and inventiveness.  It’s called ingenuity.  Yes, you have it!  You just need to learn how to tap into it.  Here is one way to do it.

All that new-found ingenuity will mean nothing, if you don’t apply what you learn.  That…takes a can-do attitude.  An attitude of…yes you can vs. no you can’t.

It can be easier said than done so here is an idea on how you can do that.

Finally, making something as hard as creating a bright future can be made easier through applying the third thing you must do.

It’s probably the hardest, too.  You must remain committed to consistently and persistently applying your ingenuity and can-do attitude.

One way commitment is defined is:  the state or quality of being dedicated to a cause, activity, etc.

Without committing yourself to creating the future of your dreams, it will be hard if not impossible to live in that kind of future.

Commitment begins with confirming deep in your soul WHY you want to be, do or achieve something.  When you know your WHY, ingenuity, a can-do attitude and commitment become easier.

One last thought on this whole topic is explained in a larger sense than solely focusing on you.

What specifically are you going to do to exercise your ingenuity, can-do attitude and commitment to realize your potential?

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Mindstate mentor, author, trainer and speaker, Gary Greenfield (@LifeRider) helps organizations with inspirational insight and concise business ideas to help improve mindstate and minimize stress. He believes a mindstate that is positive and stress that is minimized helps people better profit through performance.

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