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How Doubt Can Absolutely Create Certainty No Doubt

In one form, doubt can be very destructive.  By its very nature, it seems to carry a negative vibe to the circumstances where doubt may exist.

A recent great example for me is the story behind a documentary series on Netflix called, Making a Murderer.  It is a horrendous story of murder and mayhem and the failures in the criminal justice system.  Doubt exists at almost every level of the 10 episodes of the story.

The doubt is so pervasive you are even left with doubt when the final episode ends!

It shows the effect of doubt at its worst!  The series is worth a “binge” if you are so inclined.

However, on another level doubt can serve as a driver for creating clarity and ultimately certainty.  The following video is all about how to use doubt to derive a positive outcome.

No doubt…you will benefit by watching it!

So, how will you overcome your doubts about some important situation in your life?  Why would you want to overcome those doubts?

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