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How It Happens

So, you have this desire for something to happen in your life…an event or an achievement of some sort.  You invest a lot of time thinking about it and wondering when it’s going to happen for you.  You wish it would just happen!

I’ve used the following quote before in my writings.  It’s from an unknown author but it is very germane to where I’m going in this article.  “Wishing consumes as much energy as planning.”  Or, in my words, what’s supposed to happen will happen as long as you exercise some self-disciplined will to make it happen.

I believe everything happens for a reason and has its own time for happening.  But, that doesn’t mean any of us should just sit around and “wait for the inevitable to happen.”  We have to take control of those things that we can and drive as much of the process as possible.  But, then not tense up when it doesn’t happen at the time we want it to.  If you’ve done the best you can to make an achievement or event happen in your life, relax.  It’s inevitable that it will happen and, more importantly, that’s how it happens.

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