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How Temporary Can Actually Make You A Permanent Success

So—I’m out on the street recently going through my morning workout ritual.  Guess what happened?

I saw some flowers that I had seen hundreds of times over the years but do you think I could remember their common name? ABSOLUTELY NOT!

The rest of my workout was spent trying to pull the name out of my memory bank. What was supposed to be a healthy stress releaser turned into a minor stress creator!

Fast-forward and then I’ll connect back to the above little story.

You are probably much like all of us.  As we go running through life in pursuit of our own personal “Brass Ring,” we can get increasingly stressed in that pursuit.  You, too?7K0A0752

In that case, much like most of us, you may get aggressive, impatient, demanding, unrelenting and sometimes even belligerent when something or somebody gets in your way. Talk about becoming driven to succeed!

But there is hope! In this blog, I’ve written several articles concerning the concept of success and how best to achieve it. This article, on the other hand, looks at what it takes to achieve success with a little different slant. It’s not about the “how to’s” so much as “what happens, if.” Let’s consider more deeply what I mean.

Each of us needs to draw up a plan of action to achieve the success we want. The foundation of the plan of action has to be a bedrock of passion for achieving that success.

The plan will inevitably give you a straight-line road map to whatever you define as success.folding-map-360382_1920

Aaaah…but, then real life wrinkles up your road map and throws it right back in your face in the form of roadblocks, diversions, and unexpected circumstances, etc. But, in your determination to succeed, you redouble your efforts. You reach deep down inside for more courage. You absolutely refuse to be deterred. You rant and rave at the inconvenience of not being able to take the straight-line; and generally, get yourself in a frenzy of misery and disappointment.runner-805392_1920

But, you put your head down and keep driving because you are absolutely convinced you are on the right path to your ultimate success. Let’s think about that last statement for a minute.

I have a question for you: Ever have a memory lapse like I illustrated in my opening story?  It could have been about a word or name or whatever.

You’re so frustrated as you rack your brain trying to pull out the name, etc.! The twist in my opening story is I never thought of the name of those flowers until I gave up thinking about it. Sure enough, a few hours later and when doing something totally unrelated the name came back to me. By the way, the flower’s common name is Chrysandra.

I’m sure you have had similar occurrences in your life.

Back to my earlier example of you forgetting a name or whatever.  You couldn’t pull it out of your brain!woman-1006100_1920

You beat yourself up for hours; you go to sleep; and wake up in the middle of the night with the answer! So, what’s the point as all of this relates to your pursuit of success?

The simple fact is when you are driving so hard for success and nothing is happening and you become all stressed out about it, you must change your mindset.

Consider this idea…sometimes you have to give up something you want most temporarily in order to get it permanently.

That is to say, you figuratively take a deep breath.  You rechannel your thinking…temporarily…to relieve the tension.

hiking-467868_1280Take a walk.  Stop and read an inspirational book.  Go to a movie.  Have dinner with your family or friends.  Just generally unplug from the stress of your pursuit.

When you redirect your actions back to your success pursuits, you will be more clear of mind; focused; creative; less stressed and more enthusiastic.

garylogonewbrownsmallWhat is your first step in taking temporary breathers to better allow for permanent achievement?

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