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How to Absolutely Find the Quickest Best Way to Your Goals

The cheetah lives in the grassy savannas of southern Africa.  What does it have to do with you achieving your goals?

Well—the cheetah is built for efficiency and effectiveness as a big cat hunter.  Efficiency meaning, the cheetah is able to do the right things at the right time and in the right way.  Effectiveness meaning, it gets the right result on most hunts and achieves its goal of bringing down its prey.

How is it the cheetah finds the quickest best way to their goal?

Part of the answer to that question can be found in the genetics of the cat.

Their body has evolved to being built for speed and agility.  They have long legs; a deep chest (for lung capacity); and markings that help with camouflage and deflecting the sun rays from their eyes.

Speaking of their eyes, they are another genetic evolution that helps in their efficiency.  Their keen eyesight allows the cheetah to scan their grassland habitat for prey.safari-915410_1920

Then, with the combination of eyesight and body structure they can accelerate to 60 miles an hour in only 3 seconds.  Oh…and their agility allows them to make sudden turns as their prey tries to elude them.

The above characteristics are useless, however if not put into action!

Your challenge, if you are to achieve your goals, is to adapt the metaphor of the cheetah’s characteristics into how you pursue them.

Before the cheetah ever sets out to bring down prey they see the prey off in the distance.

Before you ever concern yourself with starting toward any goal, you must have a clear vision of it.  Just as with the cheetah, it is your vision of the goal that stimulates the planning and actions to achieve that goal.

The cheetah uses its camouflage to pursue the best and quickest route to the desired prey.  Your camouflage is the detailed step by step plan you develop for achieving your goal.

A good plan is like sneaking up on your goal.  When you go into the final pursuit of the goal, the plan will allow you to be so close to the desired goal that it is just a matter of taking quick action on the steps in the plan.

The cheetah lives in an environment of high intensity sunlight.  The southern African sun is brutal and could affect the big cat’s sight in ways that could divert it from the quickest and best way to its prey.

cheetah-864747_1920The cheetah’s secret weapon for avoiding such sunlight created diversion is the markings under their eyes.  Those markings pull much of the sun’s rays down onto the cheeks of its face.

You will have “sunlight like” potential diversions in the pursuit of your goals.  It could be the glaring light of negativity; lack of determination; shinny object syndrome; or a myriad of other potential diversions.

Painting black marks under your eyes is not the best solution for the diversions you will face on the path to your goals.

The way you minimize the impact of any diversion is through the high intensity vision you have of the goal.  A vision whose intensity is born of just as deep a visceral desire to bring down your goal as is the cheetah’s for bringing down its prey.

I’ve said this before and I will say it again, here.  That kind of visceral desire to succeed at achieving your goals only comes from your deep understanding of why the goal is important.

For the cheetah, that understanding is instinctive but for you it is a conscious mindset.  When you know why you want something, you will be compelled to get it.

In that regard, reflect back on the cheetah.

Does a cheetah kill its prey just for fun…for a little exercise?  All the science developed on the animal would support the fact the cheetah only hunts when it instinctively knows why it needs to because it needs nourishment.

The source for your need for the nourishment of achieving your goals has to be just as powerful!  You must know why you want what you say you want!

A Summary of the Quickest Best Way to Your Goals

Develop a high definition vision of your goal

Build a step-by-step plan to achieve your goal

Anticipate and overcome diversions to reaching your goal

Take and finish all the necessary actions to achieve your goal

Permeating all of the above—knowing why you want to achieve the goal

garylogonewbrownsmallWhat are you going to do to adapt the characteristics of the cheetah in achieving your goals?

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