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How to Absolutely Stop Malaise in Your Life

When I think of the author, John Steinbeck, two words immediately come to mind:  misery and malaise.

Yes, he was a Pulitzer Prize and many other awards winner but, for me, many of his stories wreak of pain and hopelessness.  Take the Grapes of Wrath as just one example!

It’s valuable (I guess) to read his writings and feel the depths of his understanding of the human condition.

However, I prefer focusing on the things you can do to overcome the conditions Steinbeck describes rather than wallowing in malaise.

Sure…read some Steinbeck, if you like, but view this video to overcome the feelings he creates in you.

So, what action are you going to take to…as Cher said in the movie, Moonstruck…“Snap out of it!”

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