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How to Absolutely Take More Charge of Your Future

Ever considered the definition of the word, inertia, and why it is important to you?  Maybe you should!

Everything in your life begins with a first step. Something happens to you or you make something happen…either way there is always a first step that must occur.

Related to the above thought is the concept behind the definition of the word, inertia.

In physics, its definition is:

“a property by which matter remains in a state of rest or continues moving in a straight line, unless changed by an external force.”

If you don’t like the fancy word, inertia, you could think of it as being stuck and not making true progress in your life.

The good news is overcoming inertia (becoming unstuck) is making a shift in a very important part of you and your thinking.

Your attitude is the “external force” that is necessary to taking that first step toward the rest of your life.

As suggested by the definition, your attitude is also the “external force” to change from a “straight line” toward failure to a new direction in your life.

What follows are some ideas on how you can make that shift in your attitude and overcome your current inertia.

Vividly Define What You Actually Want

If you don’t know what it is you want out of your life, you can’t expect to find it.

Critical to figuring that out is finding an emotional connection to some goal that gives you a powerful reason why you want to achieve it.

To find your “whys” ask yourself a few questions.

  1. What am I truly passionate about?
  2. What makes me happy?
  3. What do I truly love to do with my time?
  4. Why is becoming unstuck emotionally important to me?

There are many more questions you could ask yourself but start with these.  They give you an excellent first step toward finding a powerful reason to want to overcome your inertia.

Define Your Fears to Overcoming Your Inertia

Hey…everybody is afraid of something so you certainly are not alone with your fears.  But—you are the only one who can define them and determine how you choose to overcome them!

Many would say the best way to overcome your fears so you can progress in your life is to face them head-on.

Don’t avoid them!  Jump right in the middle of them.  Figure them out and understand them more deeply.

Google, “overcoming your fears.”  The first page of results offers you links to a multiplicity of ways to overcome the fear that may be causing your inertia.

Read Other Articles on Overcoming Inertia

It’s not just your problem, you know!  Like almost everything else in your life someone has gone before you and found a way to solve the problem.

I’ll link you to just one article on the subject so you can see, first hand, what I mean:  Two Ways to Overcome Inertia.

Think Small

The worst thing you can do when suffering from inertia is to be overwhelmed by the volume of everything that you believe is contributing to it.

The best thing you can to in starting to become unstuck is to think small.  Think about your problems with inertia in the same way you would achieving any goal.

Don’t think about the overwhelming requirements of reaching the final goal.  Shift your thinking to small chunks of the goal that need to be accomplished to achieve the larger goal.

And…so it is with overcoming your inertia.  Take little pieces of the issues contributing to it and work on them one at a time until you—step-by-little-step—begin to move forward in your life.

Please forgive the pun but—to remain inert can really hurt!

Use the above ideas to fire-up your attitude and take that first step toward your dreams…they are that close!

garylogonewbrownsmallWhat is the first step you will accomplish to take more charge of your future?

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