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How to Actually Assure You Self Actualize

As I write this article kids all over the country (and for that matter, a large part of the world) are beginning a new school year.  Their little hearts and minds all filled with excitement and anticipation.  But, wait…

It probably won’t be long when many of those same excited kids will be dreading the grind of the classroom and all that goes with it.Their only real excitement, now, is anticipating the end of the school day…or, even better…the school year.

board-953153_1920I certainly can remember those same kinds of feelings way back when.  You, too?

Your challenge is not to let apathy toward learning new things stand in your way of becoming all that you can be.  Why it’s important to you to overcome that challenge is described in the following video.

What are you going to do to continue a life-long course of learning?

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