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How to Actually Avoid Derailment from Continuous Success

Let’s take this in two parts:  Continuous and Derailment.  Trust me…there is a method to my madness!

Think about the title to this article. Interesting word…continuous.

One Webster’s Dictionary definition is short and sweet: “continuing without interruption.”

What does the word, continuous, and its definition possibly mean as it relates to you achieving your greatest success?

I think the answer to that question is provided best through something Sir Winston Churchill once said:

“Continuous effort – not strength or intelligence – is the key to unlocking our potential.”

If you are going to achieve all you can be, do or have, you cannot allow anything to hinder your “continuous” march toward your success.

Short bursts of enthusiasm for a dream or goal don’t get it. You must persist in the face of all adversity and do so over time. There is no such thing as an overnight success! Consider all these reality shows on TV to make my point.  They might imply overnight success for their contestants.

However, in every case of which I’m aware the people who are ultimately successful at winning the competition have worked for years at honing their skill and developing their talent. They have put forth continuous effort born from a passion for what they do and want.

hand-76738_1280What is your passion? It’s the key to successfully living the definition of “Continuous.”

But then—Ever notice how often life throws unexpected barriers in your current path. If you’re like many other people in these situations you may react in an almost stupefied way.

You ask things like: How could that have happened? or, Where did that come from? or, Why me, I was doing so well?

The bottom-line is not that the barrier popped-up but what you do to deal with it…what you do to put forth continuous effort regardless of the barrier.

Take a moment to consider the two important words for this part of the discussion: detour and derailment.

First, consider the word, derailment. Should you allow a derailment to occur, you are totally knocked off your current track. It becomes not just a minor annoyance but a total destroyer of your direction and momentum.

You lay on the side of your former track in a heap of twisted emotions and basically a total wreck. Allowing barriers to become derailments destroys your dreams and goals that lay at the end of your track!metaphor-1209691_1920

On the other hand, take the idea of a barrier being managed as a detour.

Many times in life you have been on roads where unexpected barriers appeared. In those situations, you had a stated destination; home, work, a play, a child’s birthday party, whatever.

Regardless of the destination, you knew you had to get there and nothing was going to stop you.

Up pops the very purpose of the word, detour!

The concept of the word gets you thinking about alternative routes to your destination. It allows you to continue progressing toward your dreams and goals vs. falling on the side-rail of life in a mangled, broken wreck.

sky-967964_1920Changing your thinking from “barrier” to detour allows you to continue on a powerful path in life rather than the scrap-heap of disappointment because you allowed yourself to be derailed. That’s how you avoid derailment from your desired results in life.

You change your thinking and continuously strive to avoid derailments by seeing them as barriers around which you can take a detour.

garylogonewbrownsmallWhat’s it for you in your continuous effort to succeed as you face your own barriers…detour or derailment?

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